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Kris Latal, PA-C


"There are such advantages to working in a team. You’re exposed to more styles, different ways of approaching a problem. There is never simply one right answer. We always have a backup; someone to bounce a question off of. And the patients benefit from our collaboration.”

As an integral part of the IPC/Senior Care team, Kris Latal has the luxury of time to listen to her patients and their families. Without rushing.

When she was a young child, Kris already knew that she wanted to work in the medical field. At an early job, she served as a medical assistant in a geriatric clinic and learned that she enjoyed working with older people. So becoming a geriatric physician assistant was a natural career choice for Kris.

Kris has a BA from the State University of New York and a BS from Metro State College of Denver; she completed the physician assistant program at the University of Colorado in 2000 and has practiced as a physician assistant since then.

In her free time, Kris enjoys reading, movies and going for walks outdoors in the beauty of Colorado.

Kris practices at our Aurora Clinic.