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Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Rehab Centers

Nursing-HomeDid you know that, when you're a resident of a retirement community, or assisted living, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing center, you have the right to choose your own primary care physician? We believe that you—patients, along with your family members and caregivers—should feel completely comfortable with your physician. You shouldn't have to compromise your health care choices just because you're no longer living at home.

IPC/Senior Care geriatricians see patients at dozens of facilities throughout the Denver Metro/Front Range area, in Colorado Springs, and beyond. 

We are experts in caring for folks in retirement comunities, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and assisted living facilities. We have efficient, organized systems in place and are committed to being on-site on a regular basis to meet your needs. We appreciate that communication is vital in these settings—communication between the patient, our team, the family members, the facility staff, and sometimes hospitals, specialists, therapists, and others involved in patient care.

We have a team of triage nurses who are dedicated to facilitating this communication and making the logisitcs of healthcare for patients in nursing and assisted living facilities smoother and more customer-friendly for everyone's benefit. We've discovered that having a person with clinical knowlege readily available to field calls from facilities minimizes phone tag and frustrations. We use tried-and-true clinical protocols that can often result in getting orders immediately and getting messages to our healthcare providers right away.

We're with you every step of the way. 

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