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Maulana Moye

Clinic Office Manager


“My work is incredibly gratifying. You get to know senior patients and their families on a very personal level. It’s pleasing at the end of the day to go home knowing that you’ve truly made a difference in people’s lives. There’s nothing like receiving a handwritten thank-you note from a patient saying that they appreciate what you’ve done for them.”

Trained as a medical assistant, Maulana has been a part of the IPC/Senior Care family since before the organization’s inception. In 1994, she went to work at the Presbyterian/St. Luke’s senior clinic with Senior Care founder, Dr. Murphy, and has stayed around ever since. Because of her hard work, patience, and insider knowledge of clinic operations, she advanced through various roles within the organization and was promoted to Clinic Office Manager in 2010.

Today, Maulana oversees day-to-day operations at each of IPC/Senior Care’s clinics around the Denver Metro area. The medical assistants and front office staff members all report directly to her; it’s her job to ensure that everyone has what they need and that things are running the way they’re supposed to. Her job requires her to be extremely flexible and she knows that, every day, she has to be poised to respond to the events and circumstances that come up. The multiple clinics she manages across the Denver Metro area often fill those days with unexpected adventure! Maulana likes to be a hands-on manager, so she spends about half of her time at the administrative office and half out in the field.

She knows that, regardless of everyone’s best efforts, sometimes things don’t go the way you’d like them to. Maulana endeavors always to be proactive and to address issues before a problem arises. “I know that I work for a wonderful company,” she says, “and I want all of our employees and patients to have the same faith in IPC/Senior Care that I do.” She’s adept at truly listening so that people feel heard and valued.

According to Maulana, IPC/Senior Care is “unique in the intensity of the way we care for our patients. We follow patients each step of the way throughout their lives. We hire people who have compassion, people who get the big picture and are on board with what we’re trying to accomplish. We advocate for seniors. It goes way beyond the clinic and the nursing home to the senior population at large.”

Maulana comes from a big family, most of whom live nearby. She loves spending quality time in connection with them and with her bowling, going to movies, and taking walks.