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James McGowan, MD 


"I believe in being totally honest with my patients and I’ll tell them straight up. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what’s going on but we’ll certainly figure it out. I think they deserve and appreciate hearing the truth.”

In his practice, Dr. McGowan remains focused on the most important person in the room: the patient. There’s a risk, he explains, of an older adult’s voice not being heard. And it’s vital to listen to their individual wishes and desires. “You have to be sure to address their concerns, the reasons they have come to see you, first. Then you can turn to the other problems that might need attention.”

Humor is an important aspect of McGowan’s approach to patient care. His patients seem to appreciate his sense of humor and it makes the process more enjoyable overall. Although born in the United States, Dr. McGowan spent much of his childhood and young adult life living in England; he attended the University of London’s Westminster Medical School before moving to Colorado in 1979. Board certified in internal medicine, he has practiced as a physician since 1974.

McGowan is married with three adult sons. He enjoys golf and reading in his leisure time.

Dr. McGowan practices at our Swedish Clinic.