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Our Philosophy of Care

IPC/Senior Care of Colorado is a practice dedicated to providing the very best primary care possible to older adults. Our Philosophy of Care--the culture of our practice--is ingrained in our providers and support team. It goes a little something like this:

  • Focus on function
  • Focus on managing chronic disease(s) and developing chronic care treatment models
  • Identify and manage psychological and social aspects of care
  • Respect the patient’s dignity and autonomy
  • Respect cultural and spiritual beliefs
  • Be sensitive to the patient’s financial condition
  • Promote wellness
  • Listen and communicate effectively
  • Take a patient-centered approach to care and a customer-focused approach to service
  • Realistically promote optimism and hope
  • Employ a team approach to patient care
  • Commit to clinical excellence throughout the continuum of care

IPC/Senior Care of Colorado, as an organization, subscribes to the highest code of honesty and integrity when dealing with our patients, physicians, clients, employees, vendors, and payors.

We are committed to the highest quality of patient care with a similar delivery model, whether in a fee-for-service or managed care environment. We do not compromise care for economic reasons.