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Our IPC hospitalist physicians provide care to patients at Porter Medical Center and Swedish Medical Center in Denver, and the Aurora Medical Center, as well as at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo. Within Porter Medical Center we provide long term acute care services and geriatric behavioral health services. 

What is a hospitalist?

A valuable member of your healthcare team

iStock_000019237789SmallHospitalists are medical providers who specialize in hospital medicine. Their mission is to ensure that the patient receives the best possible quality care during their hospital stay. Most hospitalists are trained in internal medicine, although some have additional areas of specialty. The hospitalist is there to care for the patient throughout their entire stay, from admission through discharge.

Hospitalists practice medicine only in the hospital

IPC hospitalists do not have outside offices; rather, they are exclusively dedicated to caring for patients inside the hospital. They are very familiar with hospital procedures and services and have close working relationships with the other physicians, nurses and others who may be involved in your care there. IPC hospitalists also work closely with other specialists to ensure an optimal course of treatment during the patient's hospital stay.

Why a hospitalist?

Hospitalists keep you involved in your care

You are the most important member of your healthcare team. Your IPC hospitalist will gather information provided by your primary care physician (who may or may not be an IPC/Senior Care provider) and will listen to what you have to say about your hospital stay. Be sure to share important information about your condition, symptoms and medical history. And please ask questions to be certain you understand the tests and procedures you may have, as well as your overall course of treatment.

Partnering with your primary care physician

The IPC hopsitalist partners with your primary care physician, ensuring he/she receives timely information regarding your progress, to provide you with the best possible care while you are in the hospital. 

Hospitalists keep you and your family informed

Your family is an important part of your healthcare team and your IPC hospitalist understands that being in the hospital can be a critical and stressful time for patients and their families. Hospitalists provide you and your family with honest, considerate answers concerning your care. Because they are in the hospital on a full-time basis, they are able to spend quality time with patients and family members.

What happens duiring my hospital stay?

Your IPC hospitalist will arrange for your admission

Once it is determined that you will require admission to the hospital, your IPC hospitalist will be notified. Upon admission, your IPC hospitalist will send a notice of admission to your primary care physician if you have one (whether this is an IPC/Senior Care physician or not). Your IPC hospitalist will maintain communication wth your primary care physician every step of the way to manage your entire hospital stay with the best possible quality of care.

Your IPC hospitalist manages the progress of your care

Your hospitalist will direct activities realted to your care while you are in the hospital, including prescribing medications, scheduling tests and procedures, and coordinating all of your medical needs. Hospitalists are experienced in managing and navigating the complexities of the hospital healthcare delivery system. Your IPC hospitalist keeps your primary care physician updated on your stay as your care requires.

Discharge planning is coordinated with your hospitalist

When you are ready to be discharged from the hospital, your IPC hospitalist will send a discharge summary to your primary care physician. The discharge summary is a report which includes details about your condition, your medications, test results, and other significant information. Be sure to arrange a follow-up appointment with your primary care physician so he or she can manage your progress once you leave the hospital.

Post-discharge, your hospitalist will ensure things are going smoothly

As an extra safety measure, IPC's Nurse Call Center will attempt to contact you within a few days to ensure everything is going smoothly with your transition from hospital to home. At this time, we will make sure you have scheduled a follow-up appointment to see your primary care physician and can help address questions you may have abouat medications, discharge instructions, or your conditions.

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