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Caroline Howe

Care Coordinator


“I feel that we are providing a wonderful service to the community. It can be disorienting and confusing for people to be in the hospital, on top of being sick. It is so wonderful to see a patient’s eyes just light up when I visit them, when they realize that I’m from IPC/Senior Care – their doctor’s office – and I’m there specifically to help. I get to be their advocate, their resource. It’s extremely gratifying work.”

Caroline Howe has always gravitated toward meaningful work, wanting to serve and help others. At her last job, she was promoted from direct patient interaction into a data-focused management position.  While she was poised for continued career growth in a prestigious company, something, she felt, was simply missing. “I had to make a decision,” she remembers. “I thought, maybe I don’t want to climb that giant corporate ladder in a 50,000 employee company. Maybe that’s just not for me.”  So she left to accept the Care Coordinator position at IPC/Senior Care of Colorado, a choice, she says, that was the best one she’s ever made. “Now I go home at night and I’m happy. I’m satisfied that I’ve spent my day doing something good, something impactful. This job is a perfect fit for me.”

As Care Coordinator, Caroline assists patients through transitions of care. When an IPC/Senior Care patient is hospitalized at The Medical Center of Aurora, she works with them (and their family members) to be sure they have the resources needed when they return home. She provides information about assisted living and rehabilitation centers when appropriate, and ensures that a follow-up appointment is scheduled so the patient’s primary care physician can see them right away. “Our goal,” she says, “is to remove the fragmentation when you move from one setting of care to another. We know that, when we do a good job at that, patients are less likely to be re-admitted to the hospital.”

Caroline is especially proud to be part of the IPC/Senior Care of Colorado continuum of care, where patients can remain in the care of our providers regardless of setting. “If you have to go to an assisted living or if you need a rehab center, you can still see a Senior Care provider,” she explains. “And your primary care physician is going to be kept in the loop. We have your medical records at our fingertips. You’re not constantly having to re-explain yourself or be concerned that, maybe, the providers don’t have the right information.”

Caroline – a big college basketball fan – graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2001. She worked extensively in home health care, as the admissions director in nursing facilities, in healthcare marketing, and in dialysis patient relations before joining IPC/Senior Care. She and her husband, Rip, have two pups: a puggle (Daisy) and a pug (Zoe). She enjoys reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends at home.