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Laura Vogler, MS, PA-C

Laura Shaeller, MS, PA-C

“First and foremost, being a good listener is important to me. I want to have a connection with my patients so they know that I’m really listening to what they tell me and that they’re heard in the process of their care.”

A Colorado native, Laura Vogler knew at a young age that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine, but it wasn’t until she was working as a volunteer in Denver’s University Hospital that she discovered her joy in spending time with seniors. “My goal was to help patients through their hospital stay,” she says, “But I fell in love with the population I met there and the lessons they taught me.”

Laura likes how her career challenges her to continue learning new things, and she’s passionate about sharing how exercise, eating right, and scheduling regular appointments are an important part of a preventative medicine routine.

After receiving her BA from Washington University in St. Louis, Laura returned to Colorado and began working as a scheduling manager with Senior Care of Colorado, which solidified her choice to pursue geriatric medicine. She then attained her MS in Physician Assistant Studies at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York.

When she’s not working with seniors, Laura enjoys going to concerts with her husband, and she stays active skiing with her family and friends.