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Lora Sattler, RN

Director of Operations

Lora Sattler

“I see my career as a series of stepping stones, with each step giving me the skills and experience I use in my current role. As a nurse, I learned to listen carefully and to have compassion for others. Now, as a member of the corporate team, I still value listening and compassion as the essential components of a happy and productive team environment.”

Lora Sattler loves being a part of a team that embraces proactive communication styles, positive attitudes, and a bit of humor, too, as she’s the type of person who likes to work hard but keep things lighthearted in the process. Lora began working with IPC/Senior Care of Colorado in 2015 as Director of Business Development on the Denver acute side and has been in her current role as Director of Operations since 2016. Lora has experience developing relationships with business market partners and customers as well as assisting in communications with other professionals and the public. She has also managed the IPC/SCOC Triage Department and worked to implement marketing strategies that enhance IPC’s expansion efforts.

Before working for IPC, Lora gained experience working for Swedish Medical Center in Englewood in various clinical and management roles ranging from floor nurse to clinical documentation nurse to Hospitalist Service Coordinator, in which she acted as a liaison between the hospital and multiple hospitalist groups, including IPC. Lora has been a registered nurse since 1995 and spent all but one year of her nursing career working for Swedish.

In her work promoting IPC’s visibility in the market, Lora feels good about representing such a well-respected company. “IPC has a great reputation for high-quality patient care that’s infused with constant courtesy, teamwork, and dedication to an exceptional continuity of care,” she says. Whether she’s interacting with patients, providers, families, or co-workers, Lora remains committed to these values as well.

Lora attended the University of Northern Colorado, where she received her bachelor’s degree in exercise and fitness kinesiology with a minor in community health. After graduating from college, she worked in fitness facilities and at an assisted living facility for seniors, which was one of the experiences that inspired her to become a registered nurse.  

Lora is the proud mom of triplets, and even with a full schedule, she finds the time to run half-marathons, take camping trips with her family, and cheer for the Broncos every chance she gets.