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Patrick N. Williams, MD


"It’s important for me to know my patients and to understand their goals. Once I have their goals in mind, I can then be a partner in providing the care that I hope my patients would give themselves if they were in my shoes."

Dr. Patrick Williams grew up in Lakewood, Colorado and remembers wanting to be in the medical field since he was very young. His experience spans roles including staff physician, hospitalist, and Chief of Internal Medicine, but being a good listener is one thing he values any time he meets with patients.

“Over time, I’ve come to realize that I’m most happy in my life in my career. I love what I do,” Dr. Williams says. “I’ve also worked hard for many years to develop a strong skill set in physical diagnosis, which I use in addition to other diagnostic tools.”

A practicing physician since 1987, Dr. Williams received his BA from University of North Texas, a MS from the University of Texas at Dallas, and his MD from University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.  He has been board certified in internal medicine since 1987 and in geriatrics since 1992. Dr. Williams has also been a Fellow of the American College of Physicians since 2000.

When Dr. Williams is not seeing patients, he can most likely be found doing the outdoor activities he loves, including golf, tennis, skiing, and snowshoeing--or really relaxing while reading a good book.