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Shirley J. Frantz, MD


"My approach to medicine is to look beyond the person standing in front of me with one particular complaint to see the big picture: their environment, their family, their understand so much more about how to help the patient when you view the situation from a broader context."

As a teenager, Shirley Frantz was a big fan of TV medical shows like Marcus Welby, MD, and Medical Center. Watching the dramas, healings, and miracles unfold week after week, Shirley was determined to become a physician-a dream she realized when she graduated from medical school in 1980.

Now, as a member of the IPC/Senior Care team, Dr. Frantz travels to visit her patients wherever they are-much like a physician "from the old days." Over the years, she's developed some very special relationships with patients who have come to rely on her compassion and expertise when they needed it most.

Dr. Frantz received her BA in biology at Northwestern University and earned her MD at the University of Illinois, Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine; she is board certified in family medicine. Dr. Frantz is an adept violinist. She learned to ski just a few years ago and loves to spend free time on the slopes of Vail and Aspen.