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Jarmila Pauckova, MD


"I so admire older people and love to hear the great stories they tell from their youth--about what they did when they were young and what they remember most. It gives me perspective."

As a geriatric physician, Dr. Pauckova's goal is to help her patients optimize function and improve the quality of their lives. "You can always make something better," she believes. And she takes care to include family members and caregivers, who are so important to healing and well-being, in the process. Her patients appreciate that she is friendly--a good listener--and they can see that she isn't looking at her watch and rushing off to the next thing.

Dr. Pauckova completed her family medicine residency program in Maine. She has practiced medicine since 1986 and is board certified in family medicine. She is married with two children and enjoys spending time with her family skiing, traveling, and relaxing on beaches together.