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New Article: Necessary Conversations for Transition Planning

mother and son hugging

Life is full of transitional moments that can range from anything as exciting as holding a grandchild for the first time or going on a vacation to celebrate retirement. While these events are often met with warm smiles, other transitions may involve mixed feelings, confusion, or fear. An unexpected hip surgery or the loss of a loved one, however, requires planning just as much as other events that have more positive associations. And when plans need to be made, consider conversation the spark that can ignite action and inspire others to follow through on their plans.

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Aurora Partnership Enhances Patient Care

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The theme song from the 1980s hit television sitcom Cheers, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” became one of the most memorable theme songs of the era. The song’s title was also the show’s tagline, and it captured the essence of the series, which followed the lives of a group of close-knit people who found familiarity and comfort in a place. While Cheers connected with a wide audience and brought smiles to millions of television viewers, its underlying message hints at something that’s also important in health care: the value in being known by name. 

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Welcome Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH

Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH

Jeremy Orr, MD, MPH is serving patients in the Denver metro area.

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Welcome Stephanus Tjan, MD

Dr. Stephanus Tjan

Stephanus Tjan, MD is serving patients in the Denver metro area.

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Aging and Reimagining Purpose

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Having a clear sense of purpose is like having a beacon of light to help you move confidently in the direction you’d like to travel. Purpose is what motivates action on a day-to-day basis as well as into the future, and while it remains a constant part of life throughout its varying seasons, purpose can also change in scope and meaning over time.

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New Article on Aging In Place

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Even the most adventurous travelers must feel good knowing that their journeys will end in a comfortable home environment, where they’ll be surrounded by a caring community of family and friends. A home is a special place, full of memories, familiar sights, smells, and sounds. Because a home often develops over time into a place with significance that extends far beyond the structure itself, it’s not surprising that more and more people are making the decision to age in place.

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Welcome Laura Vogler,

Laura Schaeller, MS, PA-C

Laura Vogler, MS, PA-C is serving patients at the Englewood Clinic located on the Swedish Medical Center campus.

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Welcome Shannon Lee,

Shannon Lee, PA-C, MPAS, MS

Shannon Lee is serving patients in facilities in the Denver metro area.

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Now Offering Innovative Care Coordination at Select Denver-Area Hospitals

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When you're an IPC/Senior Care patient who is hospitalized at Swedish Medical Center, Porter Adventist Hospital, or The Medical Cetner of Aurora, you will receive the highest level of coordinated care and service as part of our innovative program. Research tells us that well-planned transitions between care settings (for example, from the hospital to your home or rehab/nursing facility) can make a big difference in improving your recovery and decreasing the chance that you'll have to be re-admitted to the hospital.


New Article by David Palmquist, MD

Preventive Care Checklist:
Focus on being healthy while you're already well

iStock 000011003108XSmallLong, long ago, Benjamin Franklin noted that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Even in today’s environment of high tech medical procedures and sophisticated pharmaceuticals, Franklin’s observation holds true. There’s nothing better we can do for ourselves, at any age, than to strive for wellness by paying attention to our health before we get sick.

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New Article by Jeannae Dergance, MD, and Shelly Thomas, CPC

Doctors + Computers = Better Health Outcomes?
Demystifying the Electronic Medical Record

senior male patient talking with male physicianYou've probably noticed a change happening at your physician's office over the past few years. In "the old days," your doctor would come into the exam room carrying your chart—a folder containing all of the information compiled about you over the years. The physician might make a few notes, tick off a box or two, and perhaps write a prescription. The rest of the visit would consist of the doctor examining you and asking you questions. Fast forward to today. It is likely that your doctor may now be using a computerized electronic health record ("EHR") or electronic medical record ("EMR"). Instead of relying on the paper chart, he or she may either carry a laptop or use a computer in the room. And, because this is all new, it may even seem like the physician is paying more attention to that computer than to you.

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