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docteamAs you've seen here on our website, we have dozens of physicians, nurse practitioners ("NPs"), physician assistants ("PAs"), and other providers who are specially-trained in the IPC/Senior Care approach to geriatric medicine. If you are a new patient, how do we match you up with the right person for your care?

A primary factor is determining where you live and where you will receive care. Many of our people only work out in the field at specific skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. If that's where you live, you'll be cared for by one of the providers who is assigned to that facility. We have multiple clinics around the Denver Metro/Front Range area, and each provider is based at a particular clinic. So if you vist the Aurora Clinic, you'll have a certain pool of providers to choose from; if you're in Englewood, it will be different folks.

It's also important to understand the unique team approach we use at Senior Care. You'll have a physician responsible for your care as well as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. You may see the doctor from time-to-time and NP or PA more frequently. They are able to spend plenty of time addressing your health needs and concerns, and will collaborate with the physician when necessary.

All of our providers are dedicated to IPC/Senior Care's commitment to bringing you high-quality, compassionate, expert geriatric care.


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