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Do you have questions about your bill or statement?

As a courtesy, we file your primary and secondary insurance claims so you don't have to. We work the claims to resolution with the insurance company and then send you a bill only if you owe a balance. Depending on the timing of your visits along with your annual deductibles and whether you also see other doctors, you may never hear from us! If you do have a balance on your account, you will receive a statement about every 35 days.

Medicare patients, please be aware: you have an annual deductible to satisfy. Based on your contract with your insuror, we may need to bill you for your annual coinsurance and deductible (or a part of it). We know this can be confusing and we will be happy to go over your individual situation to help you understand it.

We have helpful, friendly representatives available to talk with you, address any questions or concerns you may have, and resolve your billing issues with a smile. We take credit cards and make payment arrangements; we are eager to work with you to create a realistic financial plan. 

If you would like to contact us via email regarding an insurance/billing/patient account question, please click here. You may also call us at 303.306.4321.

Please note that this department is trained to handle questions about your insurance, your bill and your account. If you have a different customer service issue, please click here to send an email to someone who can help.


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