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Senior Health Articles

Holiday Sanity Savers for Seniors

senior woman relaxing in a chair next to christmas tree

Holidays are designed to provide a special time for tradition and celebration, but sometimes little frustrations such as tangled tree lights or a burnt dessert can suddenly seem big. Coping with changing life circumstances or with health issues can present even bigger challenges during the holiday season, threatening those bright moments spent with family and friends.


Pets & Seniors: Choosing a Companion that Fits Your Lifestyle

senior woman holding puppy

Some of the most tangible joys in life can come from the physical affection that pets display for their owners. Positive, mood-boosting benefits accompany these moments, which can include coming home to hear the excited yelps of a dog or sitting down on the couch with a cat purring contentedly nearby. Pets such as dogs and cats have the ability to offer a sense of unconditional love, and others including birds and fish also bring sound, life, and movement to a home.


Necessary Conversations for Transition Planning

mother and son huggingLife is full of transitional moments that can range from anything as exciting as holding a grandchild for the first time or going on a vacation to celebrate retirement. While these events are often met with warm smiles, other transitions may involve mixed feelings, confusion, or fear. An unexpected hip surgery or the loss of a loved one, however, requires planning just as much as other events that have more positive associations. And when plans need to be made, consider conversation the spark that can ignite action and inspire others to follow through on their plans.

Of course, it’s often easy to have a conversation surrounding an exciting life transition. But when life transitions arise that involve fear or unanticipated events, discussion may become more difficult. If you find yourself grappling for words in these moments, it’s likely that you’re not alone. Your friends and family members probably also find conversation challenging at these times. Instead of shying away from having a necessary talk, take some time to anticipate transitional moments before they occur, plan conversations in advance, and use tools and resources that can help guide you through an essential conversation.   


Aurora Partnership Enhances Patient Care

cheers sitcom logo

The theme song from the 1980s hit television sitcom Cheers, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” became one of the most memorable theme songs of the era. The song’s title was also the show’s tagline, and it captured the essence of the series, which followed the lives of a group of close-knit people who found familiarity and comfort in a place. While Cheers connected with a wide audience and brought smiles to millions of television viewers, its underlying message hints at something that’s also important in health care: the value in being known by name.

At IPC/Senior Care of Colorado (IPC/SCOC), we trust that you will experience the comfort and familiarity in being known personally along each step of your health care process. Beginning in January of 2015, a new partnership between our Aurora Clinic and The Medical Center of Aurora makes such a high quality of care possible. Patients from the Aurora Clinic are now followed by Patient Care Coordinators and hospital physicians, or hospitalists, as they transition into their care at The Medical Center of Aurora.


Vaccinations for Seniors

By Clemencia Rasquinha, MD

nurse with patient administering shot

Seniors often ask me about vaccinations, and I’ve noticed that they’re seeking advice about which vaccinations are required and which vaccinations are recommended. Television, news, and online sources can offer us information on any topic at any time, but it’s still important to consult a physician for medical advice, especially when it may be difficult to interpret all of the information we can gather easily from such a variety of sources. Here, I’ll offer an overview of vaccines, in general, and details related to the vaccinations I most often discuss with patients, but please also meet with your doctor if you have any questions about which vaccinations might be the most appropriate for you and your ongoing health.


Aging and Reimagining Purpose

man at table in contemplation

Having a clear sense of purpose is like having a beacon of light to help you move confidently in the direction you’d like to travel. Purpose is what motivates action on a day-to-day basis as well as into the future, and while it remains a constant part of life throughout its varying seasons, purpose can also change in scope and meaning over time.

Sometimes purpose can be found in raising children or in doing a job you love, but when the purpose in those life chapters is fulfilled, you might find yourself asking “What now?” or “What next?” These common questions crop up at transitions times, and in those moments, it’s important to reimagine a new sense of purpose to propel you in a positive direction.


Food and Mood

Eating for energy, connection, and health

by Megan Igel, PA-C, MPAS

group gathered for mealWith an important role in our social lives and cultural milestones, food becomes more than fuel for our daily activities. Plus, what we eat can also alter our physical and mental states. Food affects the body’s metabolism, hormones, and even neurotransmitters, which are the brain’s mood chemicals. Since food does so much more than fill up our stomachs, it’s important to make healthy food choices that will not only contribute to our overall health in a positive way but also ultimately boost our moods and contribute to a healthy mental state.


Aging In Place

husband and wife doing dishes togetherEven the most adventurous travelers must feel good knowing that their journeys will end in a comfortable home environment, where they’ll be surrounded by a caring community of family and friends. A home is a special place, full of memories, familiar sights, smells, and sounds. Because a home often develops over time into a place with significance that extends far beyond the structure itself, it’s not surprising that more and more people are making the decision to age in place.


21st Century Medicine

Advances in medical technology continually improve safety and patient outcomes


There’s no mistaking it: every day, technology is changing our lives in ways that we probably never imagined. We’ve seen some astounding technological advances which have dramatically improved safety and patient outcomes. When medical interventions are required today, they are generally safer and less painful; patients get better more quickly and stay better longer.

Let’s follow the story of Henry, a typical 65-year-old man, from his first chest pains through heart surgery--all the way to his full recovery at home. 


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