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Don't Believe the Myths

The Truth About Aging

iStock 000001084994XSmall“You’re just getting older.”  “There’s not much we can do at your age.” 

Why do doctors say these things to older patients? How often is it true? What is the truth regarding health and aging?


Don't Let Arthritis Ruin Your Life!

iStock 000013856794SmallWhat does it mean to live with arthritis?

It’s fairly common these days for relatively young, healthy, and active “boomers” to visit their physician with complaints about chronic aches and pains. Unfortunately, we doctors sometimes have to tell you that your pain is being caused by “arthritis.” And we know that news can be troubling, as arthritis is often associated with being frail or immobile, with debilitating or crippling pain and loss of function.


Don't Mess with Pneumonia

Sick-Guy-WebPneumonia, an acute infection of the lungs, can affect people of all ages. And in older adults who are at greater risk it can be especially troublesome--even life-threatening--if untreated.

How do you know it’s pneumonia?



Perhaps a lesser evil, but an evil nonetheless!

iStock 000018534648SmallWe’ve been getting many questions from our patients lately about electronic cigarettes. Specifically, they’re wondering whether e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, and if using them is a good step toward quitting smoking. My personal opinion is that, when someone wants to quit smoking, we should pursue a permanent fix. I always tell my patients that the best way to quit smoking—and this is evidence-based—is to just quit, “cold turkey.” So, of course, e-cigarettes don’t go along with my philosophy! But let’s take a look at what they are and what we know about them.


Five Reasons Why Skilled Nursing Facilities Are A Good Place to Live


iStock 000019389955XSmallWhether you are a temporary visitor going through rehabilitation or a long term resident, there are great benefits to living in a skilled nursing facility (which I’ll refer to as “SNFs” here). I visited with a number of my patients who are residents of various facilities. Based on their first-hand experience, coupled with my observations from the physician’s perspective, I will tell you that SNFs can provide a truly enriching and supportive living environment. Here’s how:


From Denial to Hypochondria

When Do You Really Need to See A Doctor?

iStock 000031513102SmallWhat kind of patient are you? Do you run to the clinic for every little ache and pain, worried that it’s something serious? Or do you try to ignore nagging conditions, pretending they’re really not so bad, until your loved ones have to drag you to the doctor? Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum of extremes. But oftentimes it’s hard to know—when do you really need to see your doctor?


Good, Clean Living - The Key to a Healthy Brain

There’s no mistaking it: every day, technology is changing our lives in ways that we probably never imagined. We’ve seen some astounding technological advances which have dramatically improved safety and patient outcomes. When medical interventions are required today, they are generally safer and less painful; patients get better more quickly and stay better longer.
Let’s follow the story of Henry, a typical 65-year-old man, from his first chest pains through heart surgery--all the way to his full recovery at home.

Man-NewspapaerI’m a doctor—a geriatrician, in fact. That means that, every day, I have the grand privilege of interacting with and caring for a great many people, observing them as they grow older. And it doesn’t matter how long I do this work; it never ceases to amaze me how our bodies and, especially, our minds are a fantastic miracle. 


Happy Healthy Holidays


iStock 000029201204XSmallWe’re already well into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season – a busy time of year that can be joyous and magical as well as exhausting and stressful, all at the same time. Here are some tips to help you embrace the upcoming weeks in a healthy, positive way.


Hospitalization: The Changing Focus

Do Shorter Stays Compromise Patient Care?

iStock 000011870779SmallNot so long ago, having a heart attack meant staying in the hospital for six weeks. Now a patient with a routine heart attack may be out of the hospital in less than five days. Is this good care? Are patients being discharged for financial reasons?


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