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Senior Health Articles

How to Choose a Physician

iStock 000019237789SmallOne of the most important decisions that you will ever make is choosing a primary care physician. You must find a doctor that you are comfortable with and with whom you feel that you can communicate. A doctor can not be of much help if they are unable to communicate with their patient. If you are looking for a new doctor, call the doctor's office and ask if you can come in and meet the doctor. If you are able to do this, be prepared with the questions that are important to you.


Hypertension and Aging

Treating High Blood Pressure in Older Adults

iStock 000011669482SmallOne goes to the doctor and finds out that their blood pressure is elevated. What does this mean? Do you need to start taking blood pressure medication immediately? Not necessarily. 


I Have a "Gut Feeling..."

Keys to Digestive Health

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Every day we discover more about the important role the digestive system plays in our overall health and well-being. Our “guts” can tell us a lot about what’s happening in our bodies. Believe it or not, “gut” is an actual scientific term that refers to the alimentary canal, or the tube through which our food is delivered through the digestive organs. It is also referred to as the gastrointestinal (or “GI”) tract and includes the route from mouth to anus—input through output!


Influenza: A Tutorial

How to stay healthy this flu season
By Madhu Reddy, MD

iStock 000016466354 SmallInfluenza, also commonly known as "flu," is a widespread viral infection that has afflicted mankind for thousands of years. In fact, Hippocrates described the symptoms of flu among his people more than 2,400 years ago.


Integrating Chronic Pain

There’s no mistaking it: every day, technology is changing our lives in ways that we probably never imagined. We’ve seen some astounding technological advances which have dramatically improved safety and patient outcomes. When medical interventions are required today, they are generally safer and less painful; patients get better more quickly and stay better longer.
Let’s follow the story of Henry, a typical 65-year-old man, from his first chest pains through heart surgery--all the way to his full recovery at home.

iStock 000014030479SmallIt’s a difficult conversation; one I have all too frequently with my aging patients. We have to be realistic. There are times when a diagnosis of chronic pain means that, no matter what we try, we will never achieve 100% relief. Instead, we turn our attention to helping the patient become as functional and pain-free as possible within the parameters of his or her condition. We focus on maximizing the quality of life and integrating the reality of ongoing pain management.


It's Never Too Late to Have an Orgasm

Truths About Sex in Your Senior Years

iStock 000017291895XSmallLosing one’s sexuality is NOT an inevitable fact of aging. In fact, engaging in healthy sexual activity can help keep you young at heart—both emotionally and physically. Sex can be part of an overall lifestyle that includes many aspects of self-care: healthy eating, exercise, fulfilling, supportive relationships, a positive outlook, a preventive healthcare/wellness routine, and stimulating mental and physical activities.


Just Take A Pill

Are Your Medications Really Right for You?

Pills-WebWhen was the last time that your doctor reviewed your medications with you? It is very easy to get in the habit of taking medications for years without questioning their necessity. There are a variety of medical problems which require medications; however, not all of these problems require medications for one's entire life. In fact, there are very few problems which can not tolerate an attempt at medication reduction.


Laughter is Often the Best Medicine

iStock 000022375431SmallA recent study showed that emotional responses ranging from sadness to fear and to happiness had a positive effect on one's health. Norman Cousins, in his well known book, Anatomy of an Illness, spoke of the positive impact of watching Marx Brothers movies on his serious illness. Some time ago I came down with pneumonia, pulled out videotapes of I Love Lucy reruns and laughed myself back to good health. Clearly, humor and laughter have a positive effect on one's attitude and health overall. While we don’t fully understand the specifics, our immune system appears to benefit from these emotions.


Let's Get Engaged!

Take a committed role in your health

Consultation with doctor

The difference between being an unengaged patient and an engaged patient could be likened to the difference between watching an exercise video versus getting up off of the couch and going to workout at the gym.

Are You an Engaged Patient?

Engaged patients are those who are active within the context of their health care environment. They’re willing to communicate effectively with the family members, providers, and friends on their health care team, and they’re the ones who ultimately make successful contributions to their overall health.


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