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Your Food and Your Health

What you put in your body has the power to harm or heal.
There’s no mistaking it: every day, technology is changing our lives in ways that we probably never imagined. We’ve seen some astounding technological advances which have dramatically improved safety and patient outcomes. When medical interventions are required today, they are generally safer and less painful; patients get better more quickly and stay better longer.
Let’s follow the story of Henry, a typical 65-year-old man, from his first chest pains through heart surgery--all the way to his full recovery at home.

iStock 000000204453Medium“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” said Hippocrates, who some call the father of medicine, in about 400 BC. Today in 2014, we understand without a doubt that he was correct. What we eat really does matter. The food choices we make and the way we think about food have a profound influence on our health, our mood, and our longevity. Food truly has the power to either harm or heal our bodies. The patients who come into my office have a wide variety of conditions and concerns. More often than not, lifestyle modifications such as getting more exercise and eating a more nutritious diet can contribute to making them feel better and genuinely be healthier long term. 


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Senior Health Articles