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Kristin Burden, PA-C

Kristin Burden, PA-C

“I genuinely enjoy helping others, and being a physician assistant allows me to do that. I hope that my patients feel comfortable with me and know that they can share their concerns with me—big or small.”


Scott H. Dorn, PA-C, MMS, MSc

Scott Dorn, PA-C

“My draw toward working with seniors is personal, and when I’m around older patients, I just feel at ease. I’m passionate about giving seniors the care they need, and being around them puts me in a comfort zone that’s full of joy and clarity.”


Karina Gebhart, MMS, PA-C


"I truly enjoy spending time with my patients, addressing their questions and helping them understand what's going on. I feel really lucky to be doing this work."


Galin Hartsuiker, PA-C


“I like caring for people, especially children and elderly people. As a physician assistant, I get to spend time with my patients to really listen; I give them time and let them get everything that’s troubling them off their chests.”


Megan Igel, PA-C, MPAS


“There isn't one right way to practice geriatric medicine; rather, it's what's right for each individual person and their family members on any given day. I like to empower my patients to guide their own medical ca”


Kris Latal, PA-C


"There are such advantages to working in a team. You’re exposed to more styles, different ways of approaching a problem. There is never simply one right answer. We always have a backup; someone to bounce a question off of. And the patients benefit from our collaboration.”


Shannon Lee, PA-C, MPAS, MS

Shannon Lee, PA-C, MPAS, MS

“It’s important for me to really listen, to take the time and get to know patients. I want to be the logical and compassionate voice guiding patients and their families toward the best decisions for themselves and their quality of life.”


Mike Lockwood, PA


"I try to treat every patient the way I would want my mother to be treated. There are so many ways to practice medicine, and we need to be sensitive to what our patients want to do. I offer options, and let the patient and the family decide how to proceed.”


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