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Joseph Alisky, MD, PhD


"I am medically conservative when it comes to caring for my elderly patients. But I'm simultaneously aggressive about improving their functional capacity, cognition, and quality of life as much as possible."


Hugh K. Batty, MD, PhD


"I believe that older people have a lot to teach us about life when we listen. Working with senior patients has helped me define a purpose that’s earnest, truthful, and honest. I find meaning in helping others and in discovering the truth that comes between people when they honor each other."


William Chisholm, MD


"I’ve always been interested in the tradition of medicine—practicing good, basic primary care the way it used to be done. I listen carefully to my patients and take the whole person into account: physical, emotional, and psychosocial. If one area is out of balance, it will impact everything else."


Philip Cohen, MD


"I’m really excited about reaching this stage of my career. Keeping people well and out of the hospital is, for me, the most rewarding and challenging aspect of medicine."


Jeannae Dergance, MD, MS


"I am a firm believer in the power of touch. It is very subtle, but it makes a difference. I make it a point to shake every patient’s hand.”


Shirley J. Frantz, MD


"My approach to medicine is to look beyond the person standing in front of me with one particular complaint to see the big picture: their environment, their family, their understand so much more about how to help the patient when you view the situation from a broader context."


Teodor Huzij, DO

Dr. Huzij, DO

"Growing up with a father who had me later in his life has allowed me to feel comfortable interacting with seniors. It’s important to me to offer this population an uncompromising level of great care, partnering with patients to optimize their physical, mental, and spiritual health."


Anthony Leo, MD

Anthony Leo, MD

"It is important for me to listen closely to my patients and offer a hand of support. I love the moments when I can connect with others and come to understand their personal stories. That type of relationship grows out of trust and extends beyond clinical needs alone."


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