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James McGowan, MD 


"I believe in being totally honest with my patients and I’ll tell them straight up. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what’s going on but we’ll certainly figure it out. I think they deserve and appreciate hearing the truth.”


David Palmquist, MD


"After more than 25 years of practicing internal medicine on the Porter Hospital campus, I still find challenges and enjoyment in what I do. The timeless interaction between patient and physician still intrigues me as a physician while providing answers and, hopefully, comfort for the patient."  


Jarmila Pauckova, MD


"I so admire older people and love to hear the great stories they tell from their youth--about what they did when they were young and what they remember most. It gives me perspective."


Joel Peacock, MD


"I worked my way through college as an orderly in nursing homes, and I saw a real need in geriatric care that wasn't being met. So when I started medical school, I knew I wanted to specialize in geriatrics."


Ashwini Reddy, MD


“It’s vital to establish a relationship of trust with my patients, then we can collaborate on their care. I give them all the medical information they need and my recommendations. I want to empower them to determine the best course of action based on their individual circumstances and lifestyle.”


Madhu B. Reddy, MD


“I believe in the power of human touch, preventive medicine, and the body’s natural wisdom and ability to take care of itself. My job is to build trusting relationships with my patients, then give them the education, the guidance and the tools they need to be healthy.”


Patrick N. Williams, MD


"It’s important for me to know my patients and to understand their goals. Once I have their goals in mind, I can then be a partner in providing the care that I hope my patients would give themselves if they were in my shoes."


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