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Lora Sattler, RN

Director of Operations

Lora Sattler

“I see my career as a series of stepping stones, with each step giving me the skills and experience I use in my current role. As a nurse, I learned to listen carefully and to have compassion for others. Now, as a member of the corporate team, I still value listening and compassion as the essential components of a happy and productive team environment.”


Shannon Evans

Care Coordinator


“I’m a problem solver by nature -- a planner and an organizer. I ‘get’ how all the pieces fit together from various perspectives – the patient and family side, the clinic side, the provider side, the facility side. I have the information that’s needed to help facilitate the flow from one setting to the next. It’s really gratifying to spend face-to-face time with patients and their family members and to directly help address their concerns and meet their needs. I always try to make everyone as happy as I can.”


Caroline Howe

Care Coordinator


“I feel that we are providing a wonderful service to the community. It can be disorienting and confusing for people to be in the hospital, on top of being sick. It is so wonderful to see a patient’s eyes just light up when I visit them, when they realize that I’m from IPC/Senior Care – their doctor’s office – and I’m there specifically to help. I get to be their advocate, their resource. It’s extremely gratifying work.”


Maulana Moye

Clinic Office Manager


“My work is incredibly gratifying. You get to know senior patients and their families on a very personal level. It’s pleasing at the end of the day to go home knowing that you’ve truly made a difference in people’s lives. There’s nothing like receiving a handwritten thank-you note from a patient saying that they appreciate what you’ve done for them.”