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The Full Spectrum of Patient Care

If you're an IPC/Senior Care of Colorado patient, we care for you and work with your caregivers, family members, and other healthcare providers across settings to ensure your continuity of care. We know that a comprehensive team approach means good patient care.


IPC/Senior Care of Colorado providers serve as your "primary care physician" (which is sometimes abbreviated as "PCP"). We'll see you in the setting that best fits your needs: at our conveniently-located outpatient clinics or at select skilled nursing, assisted living, and rehab centers. And we'll follow you if you're hospitalized to coordinate with the hospitalists (who are our IPC hospitalist partners in some hospitals), specialists, and discharge planners who may be involved in your care.

Here you'll find descriptions of the services we offer and the approach we take to patient care in our practice.


Clinic Visits

WomanDoctorWPatientThe clinic, of course, is the traditional settting where primary care physicians see their patients. Because we're committed to providing accessible health care to older adults in Colorado, IPC/Senior Care of Colorado patients can choose from our convenient clinic locations in the Denver Metro area.

For a current list of our locations, including hours of operation and directions, click here.

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Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, and Rehab Centers

Nursing-HomeDid you know that, when you're a resident of a retirement community, or assisted living, rehabilitation, or skilled nursing center, you have the right to choose your own primary care physician? We believe that you—patients, along with your family members and caregivers—should feel completely comfortable with your physician. You shouldn't have to compromise your health care choices just because you're no longer living at home.


Care Coordination

When you're an IPC/Senior Care patient who is hospitalized at Swedish Medical Center, Porter Adventist Hospital, or The Medical Center of Aurora, you will receive the highest leveliStock 000027684038Small of coordinated care and service as part of our innovative program. Research tells us that well-planned transitions between care settings (for example, from the hospital to your home or rehab/nursing facility) can make a big difference in improving your recovery and decreasing the chance that you'll have to be re-admitted to the hospital.

We have partnered with Swedish and Porter to provide a team of IPC hospitalists (physicians who specialize in taking care of patients only in the hospital setting) and dedicated Care Coordinators. Care Coordinators are responsible exclusively for following your care and maintaining open lines of communication between you and your family members, your IPC/Senior Care provider, your IPC hospitalist, outside specialists, hospital discharge planners, and others who may be involved in your care. Their job is to ensure a seamless and personalized transition between care settings.


If You're Hospitalized

Doctor-HandshakeWe go to great lengths to stay in touch with our patients who are hospitalized—we have routine proceeses in place to communicate with hospitals and stay on top of who is admitted and have team members dedicated to just that.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician whose practice is focused on hospital patients instead of clinic patients. They are usually trained in internal medicine or family practice.The hospital is their workplace and they are very familiar with the systems and operations there, and they communicate with your primary care physician and specialists (if applicable) during your hospital stay.

In several Denver Metro area hospitals, your hospitalist will be a member of our own IPC family. Click here to read more about that.


Select Hospital Inpatient Care

Our IPC hospitalist physicians provide care to patients at Porter Medical Center and Swedish Medical Center in Denver, and the Aurora Medical Center, as well as at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo. Within Porter Medical Center we provide long term acute care services and geriatric behavioral health services. 

What is a hospitalist?

A valuable member of your healthcare team

iStock_000019237789SmallHospitalists are medical providers who specialize in hospital medicine. Their mission is to ensure that the patient receives the best possible quality care during their hospital stay. Most hospitalists are trained in internal medicine, although some have additional areas of specialty. The hospitalist is there to care for the patient throughout their entire stay, from admission through discharge.



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